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Bittersweet Musings

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I am 23 and live in the seventh level of hell AKA: Michigan. I work... far too much. I am too poor to go to school, as much as I would like to. I totally only made this to keep track of all the delicious Bleach yaoi fics my roomie keeps giving me links to I am a crazy obsessive fangirl and I practically live on this thing.
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And I made the layout myself! *is proud*

Have You Taken the Oath?

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Tasuki is fierce love

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Ryuichi Sakuma is Nittle Grasper love!

Edo fanservice is smex love.
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Vic Mignogna is Voice Acting Love

Weiss is flowery love ♥~

Alan Rickman, Helena Bonham Carter, and I were first in line
for the midnight showing of the Half Blood Prince.

Gred & Forge

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