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Good day all! If you're just looking for the pr0nz fics then feel free to browse around.
All RL randomness and the like will be friends only so, if you want to add a healthy dose of psychosis to your f-list, comment! =^.^=
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So I am finally doing this. Paid account status means I need to get my ass in gear. So here we go, have some fanfiction. Now that I've gotten it done I promise I will do my damnedest to keep it up to date.

Warning!! Those of you looking specifically for yaoi, yuri, or het be warned I write all three and usually with a sizable dose of kink. Be forewarned yaoi fangirls, there will be *gasp* girly bits mentioned in some pieces so... don't like it *shrug* fine by me, just don't whine to me about it. All fics are listed with a pairing where applicable so just don't click, ne?

DPS- Hearts & Souls

A wild Niki appears...

What's this? Niki disappears off the face of the planet for how many months? Fuck I think my last entry was in OCTOBER? *headshake*

Erm... Yes i'm still alive, yes Crash is right RP has eaten my soul but I enjoy it far too much to ask for my soul back aaaaand i come with an offering of drabble? random ass drabble of the Avatar: The Last Airbender variety? I'm rather uncertain of my characterization so anyone that knows the series do let me know what you think.

Character(s): Katara
Word count: 766
Rating: PG
Summary: Takes place mid ep 3-16 "The Southern Raiders"

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Kissing Al's temple

manga colouring....

Weeee... spent way to much time on this but I think I may have enough mental functions left to try to actually write.... though I still wanna go color the Olimpos manga stuff

I'd planned to do pretty autumn colors on the BG but it looked too... monochrome. I shifted everything to green but... still not totally happy with it. meh...

Dunno who did the original art but I only did the coloring. =^.^=

Angry pocket Ed

day of epic fail

so in addition to this morning my coworker is more useless than usual and my allergies were acting up so bad I had to take my allergy meds AT WORK. That shit usually knocks me the fuck out within 20 minutes but I couldn't go 5 without blowing my nose so I had no choice. Between that and the 5 ish hours of heavily interrupted sleep this morning I'm fucking done. Trying to bind with your arm half asleep also is very difficult. Fucking shoulder is still killing me.

I guess I'll be back on a normal-ish sleep schedule now? yay? *crashes*

oh... btw... they want 1600 to get Mom's car out... she was only 900 behind... 700 in fees? wtf? *is dead*
Suspender Love

manga colouring....

So I'd found this tutorial ages ago and never had the patience to sit down and play with it. I wasn't entirely sure I liked the whole colored lines thing anyway... but... well I fiddled with it today for about 2 hours (partially 'cause this is a low res image to start with which makes things so much harder - note so self: live trace for low res next time?)

so... Tutorials by feralapostrophe yay for nifty Irish accent =^.^=

Image ganked from an FMA doujin: Phantom Pain by Vital Songs

yes it's small and fuzzy... low res original, remember? But!! note that there are no black lines (suspenders are supposed to be black, stfu) so the process is taking bw manga pages and recoloring the black and then coloring inside the lines... must find higher res art to continue playing with this

so if I can get the coloring part down then all I need to do is improve the actual drawing *sweatdrop* 'cause that's soooo easy >.>

it's late, I'm sleepy... and rambling... goodnight folks

Russell- Ed said

Not exactly fic but writing none the less

Fandom: FMA, of course
Pairing: Russell/Ed
Theme set: Gamma
Title: Masks of Civility
Rating: G to NC-17
Warning[s]: none? o.O (a surprisingly small amount of smut?)
Notes: Mostly this was a way for me to get a better handle on them before I get into the BBC fic thing. I tried to keep it all mostly generic and, of course, IC *desperately hopes it's all IC* there's a couple in there that are Al musing on the pair so... random Alphonse too!

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cut text is this poem by Frost. idk, that poem just reminds me of them.